hey, i’m jero!

Jero Esguerra

i’m currently a full-time associate growth product manager based out of las vegas.

i enjoy learning new things and building projects.

currently learning: growth marketing, product management, web3, launching startups

for an updated list of what i’m up to right now, you can check it out here.

if you’d like to follow along the journey, i write a monthly newsletter called ‘untitled’ where I share new ideas, things i’m learning, and really anything that i find interesting at this point in my life.

if you’d like to get in touch, you can reach out to me on twitter.


learning in public, status updates, + more. check it out here >


i’ve been an amateur builder for a few years. here’s a full list of my projects >

book notes

i’m not much of a book reader. here’s where i try to change that. check out my book notes >


here are my goals for 2022 and what i’ll be focusing on this year. check out my goals >