• go for it.

    this article is primarily for me and serves as a reminder for myself. but if you gained anything from this article, i would love it if you shared it with a friend, your mom, your dog, your sibling, or just a random stranger! if not, i still appreciate you clicking into this post. it really […]

  • A reintroduction to this site

    it’s been a while since i published on my own blog for some time now. i think it’s fair to say that i’m revamping what this site is going to be moving forward. so, here’s to 2.0 and a quick update to what’s going on in my life. i started 2021 with a new […]

  • The Core Areas of Marketing To Grow Your Business

    Often times, a business’ goal is to fulfill their company mission. However, in order to fulfill that mission, they’ll need revenue. That’s where marketing comes in.  Marketing helps gain their customers’ attention. Although revenue is the lifeblood for any business, I also believe attention is becoming an important currency for success. In this new attention-economy, […]

  • Week 5: ResearchXL Method

    For this week of the CXL growth marketing mini-degree, I was able to go through the ‘Identifying and amplifying growth channels. This week I didn’t have enough time to go through the course too much. Client responsibilities and projects had taken a lot more time. I was able to take some notes about the ResearchXL […]

  • Research + Testing for Conversions

    Why research is important for conversions? I’d argue research is the most important part of any conversion or growth work. Optimizing for conversions is a necessary task for any business. Without conversions, your business will fail. Metrics like traffic, social media likes, follows, etc. are all worthless until they start bringing in revenue. Of course, […]

  • Fighting the urge to quit

    As some of you may know, I’ve started building a digital agency called Hidden Link Studios. It officially started back in January 2020 and have been trying to grow the agency during a global pandemic. It was already hard growing an agency given how competitive the landscape is.  Also, thanks to the ‘gurus’ that tainted […]

  • Week 3: Identifying Growth Channels

    For this week of the CXL growth marketing mini-degree, I was able to go through the ‘Identifying and amplifying growth channels. To be completely transparent, this section was mostly information that I already knew. However, there was some new information that I came across and thought it was helpful. I’ve decided to share my notes […]

  • Lessons from Year 26

    Today is my 26th birthday and this past year has been an interesting one.  Despite this rollercoaster of a year, I tried to make the most of it and had learned some lessons along the way. I thought it would be helpful to share some of those lessons I’ve learned this year: Lesson 1: Make […]

  • Week 2: Marketing to Users

    The digital marketing space is changing.  Marketing in general is typically associated with spammy tactics that just annoy the buyer in the end. These spammy tactics are all about making money for the person or company, and never really caring about the customer. In this week of the CXL Institute course, we went over how […]

  • Week 1: Introduction to Growth Marketing

    Before even starting Hidden Link Studios, I knew I wanted to work with startups. I loved the opportunity for fast-paced growth and the constant learning it requires to grow startups. I had one problem, I wasn’t confident in my abilities to provide the best possible service so we can help these startups. I was well-versed […]

  • The Hindsight

    [Q3 2020]  I’ve recently come across a guy named Cullin McGrath.  While I was on his website, he recently began reviewing his performance for the past quarter and is sharing them publicly on his website, called ‘The Playbook.’ Previously, he used to set priorities for a week at a time and knocked off each item […]

  • Building – Week 3

    Welcome to my 3rd week of ‘Building.’ *Yes, I know I missed last week…* This week’s productivity levels are starting to get better. For a couple of months now, I feel like I’ve been unproductive and unmotivated.  Not sure if it’s because I’m starting to become more mindful of my productivity or if it’s that […]

  • Building – Week 1

    It’s been a while since I posted an update about building my agency, Hidden Link Studios. So I’m redoing the format to a weekly review that is published every Friday. Doing daily reviews just didn’t seem to work since most days were/are filled with client fulfillment. I’ve also decided to bundle everything that I’m building […]

  • Building an Agency – Day 005

    05122020 I’m going to experiment with the way I write these daily posts, so I can figure out the best way for me to write these up after a 10-12 hour day. Accomplished: Built out one section on the Hidden Link website (small win, but still progress) Finished up some client responsibilities Revisited ideal customer […]

  • Building an Agency – Day 004

    05/11/2020 I missed day 003’s journal. That day was filled with client responsibilities and trying to get to the root of a tracking problem. Today, was geared towards preparation for the week and wrapping up a couple of ongoing client tasks. The rest of the day was focused on building out the new agency website […]

  • Building an Agency – Day 002

    05072020 Today, was mostly focused towards working ON the business versus IN the business. As most service providers, agencies, and freelancers know, we often get caught up on working on the daily responsibilities of the business. Whether that be fulfilling client responsibilities, emails, etc. We often get caught in this trap. This is something that […]

  • Building an Agency – Day 001

    05062020 I’ve always had the want share my progress on building Hidden Link Studios. But could never get myself to start documenting the process. But after joining the Visualize Value group, I’ve been motivated to finally start. These will be pretty informal, but will also include any lessons, failures, and advice while building an agency. […]