Building an Agency – Day 001


I’ve always had the want share my progress on building Hidden Link Studios. But could never get myself to start documenting the process. But after joining the Visualize Value group, I’ve been motivated to finally start. These will be pretty informal, but will also include any lessons, failures, and advice while building an agency.

Side note: Joining the Visualize Value group has allowed me to connect with a community of builders, entrepreneurs and more. I’d highly recommend it!

Here is my review from Day 001 of building an agency:

Created monthly schedule for marketing services

Prior to today, I managed our clients’ campaigns through a project plan and handled fires as they came. I’ve always felt like this had caused us to operate in a reactive state.

I’ll be writing another post about our process, stay tuned for that on the Hidden Link blog.

Content ideation for 2 clients

With it being the beginning of the month, we needed to identify content topics to cover for this month. Our process here includes developing content ideas that work toward our clients’ goals and help increase their brand awareness.

Refining a service offering for Hidden Link

Due to the lockdown, we’ve had some time to review our service offerings and will continue to make improvements to them that will better serve our clients. We understand the digital marketing landscape is ever-evolving and we always aim to stay on top of these changes.

Continued redesign of agency website

We’re currently in the process of redesigning our website. Stay tuned.

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