Building an Agency – Day 002


Today, was mostly focused towards working ON the business versus IN the business.

As most service providers, agencies, and freelancers know, we often get caught up on working on the daily responsibilities of the business. Whether that be fulfilling client responsibilities, emails, etc. We often get caught in this trap.

This is something that I realized in April 2020. Our focus was mostly on client fulfillment, whether that be managing the project management, execution of the tasks, strategizing, or client communication. Of course, these are necessary and important for building an agency.

Here’s what we focused on today:

  • Finished redesign of 3 core pages on the website
  • Revised pricing and updated our marketing services
  • Audited a new client’s previous SEO efforts
  • Had a client meeting to meet with vendors
  • Added processes to our design services

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