go for it.

this article is primarily for me and serves as a reminder for myself. but if you gained anything from this article, i would love it if you shared it with a friend, your mom, your dog, your sibling, or just a random stranger! if not, i still appreciate you clicking into this post. it really does mean a lot that you have some interest in what i have to say.

as humans, it’s part of our DNA to want to attain some sort of goal.

some people set lofty goals, jump headfirst into the abyss, and find their way.

then there’s the other camp. where you analyze every little detail, calculate the best plan of action, and try to get everything perfect.

unfortunately, i fall into the latter category.

naturally, i’m very analytical and tend to overthink. combine that with a fear of failure and making a mistake. you can probably guess how much action i usually take… more often than not, i’m questioning if this is the right move? should i be doing something else? there has to be a better solution?

then i open up my laptop, google everything, buy that course, and eventually stock up on information that never gets used and my goal becomes a distant memory.

at the time of this writing, i’m 26 years old and i’ve realized i’ve been living a very passive life. i’ve read hundreds of blog posts on how to do anything and watched even more youtube videos. i’ve tried to start multiple side hustles but never made a concentrated effort to try my hardest with it.

honestly, i think i was waiting for permission to reach my goals.

yes i know, that sounds extremely dumb. why am i waiting for someone else to give me permission to reach my goals?

this blog post is my reminder to breaking that cycle and becoming more action-oriented.

if you made it this far, you’re probably wondering what my plan is? well to be honest with you, i don’t have one. i’m jumping head first into blogging and trying to grow an audience by sharing what i’m learning at that moment.

if you’ve been waiting to reach your goals, well what are you waiting for? this is your sign to go and get it!

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