2020 was a draining experience. this year, i plan on refocusing myself and discovering what it is that i truly want to work on. in essence, reinventing myself and stepping out my comfort zone by trying new things and putting myself out there.

in my past efforts of goal setting, i always set it and forget it. so this is me putting it out there publicly. i don’t plan on achieving these by end of year because i want to enjoy the process and not rush through it just for completion. but i do plan on crossing them however long it takes.

i also decided not to make my goals based on results that i can’t control. i can’t control how many followers i get, how much $ is made, or anything of that nature. these actions are concrete and within my control:

  • publish 100 blog articles – 2/100
  • send 100 newsletters – 0/100
  • publish 100 youtube videos – 0/100