2021 wasn’t what i expected. this year, i plan on being more productive and breaking out of complacency. this is a challenge for me to get out of my comfort zone and grow.

i’ve always struggled with setting goals, because i tend to forget about it. i’m trying to keep a more structured and less complicated way of tracking my goals:

  • goal: grow this blog, twitter, and newsletter
    • progress: ~40 readers
    • habits:
      • publish bi-weekly articles
      • publish 1 twitter thread a week
      • connect with one new person a week
  • goal: generate $40,000 in side income
    • progress: $3,000 earned
    • habits:
      • increase following/sales for side projects
      • launch new ventures / products
    • side note: i hate talking about money, this is me trying to get comfortable with discussing it.