inspired by derek sivers

i’ve decided to share what I’m currently doing. selfishly, this page is to help me keep track of everything going on in my life.

my ambition tends to get me in trouble by over-extending myself and really pushing myself to the limits. hopefully, this page will help me realize that I have way too much going on and need to cut back.

but if you’re just curious to see what I’m doing, here it is. if you’d like to chop it up about anything, feel free to connect with me on twitter!

last updated: 05/06/2021 in las vegas, nv.

current employer: as an seo manager. i’m currently leading the team through projects while ensuring the team is properly equipped with the necessary tools and strategies to get tasks completed.

side projects:


publish 100 blog post – 001 / 100

send 100 newsletters – 000 / 100

publish 100 youtube videos – 000 / 100