The Hindsight

[Q3 2020] 

I’ve recently come across a guy named Cullin McGrath

While I was on his website, he recently began reviewing his performance for the past quarter and is sharing them publicly on his website, called ‘The Playbook.’

Previously, he used to set priorities for a week at a time and knocked off each item on his task list. He referenced this as “I get caught up trying to drive the boat well enough through the ocean I forget to steer for an island.”

Well, I’ve been on a very similar boat for a while now. Quite frankly, I’ve never been much of a planner. Even when it comes to vacations, schedules, or whatever, I’ve been more of the type to ‘go with the flow.’

But this is my effort to change that, so I’ve decided to join Cullin on this journey and try documenting this for myself.

To not completely rip-off Cullin, I’ve decided to call my reviews ‘The Hindsight’ and I’ll continue adding to this post throughout this experience.

I’ll be following his 4 categories that answer 4 questions:

  1. How did I do in RETRO?
  2. What do I hope to ACCOMPLISH?
  3. What do I hope to LEARN?
  4. What do I hope to EXPERIENCE?


My review of the past quarter.

This past quarter was focused on building Hidden Link while trying to fix my mental health. 

With everything going on from the global pandemic to the racial injustices, my mental health has been filled with all negativity and self-doubt. 

Wondering if I could be doing more, how can I help, should I be spending my time on this or should I be doing something more important?

I’ve felt strongly about not promote my business because it didn’t feel right trying to promote while the U.S. is struggling to stay united. With this becoming the ‘Attention Economy,’ there are more important voices that need to be heard and given people’s attention.

So this past quarter, I’ve stayed quiet trying to build my business on the backend, while trying to do my part by quarantining, staying safe, sharing knowledge, and donating. 


What do I hope to accomplish?

For this next quarter, I’ve realized the things I’m worried about are not going to change overnight. So I have to continue to do my part, but also while growing my business in public.

Hidden Link Studios

After officially launching in January 2020, it’s been pretty tough trying to build and sell services with everything going on. But it’s time to stop waiting and get to building!

Reach $12,000/mo by end of Q3

It’s an ambitious goal since I’m nowhere near that amount of revenue. But I’ve felt it’s better to shoot big rather than aim small. Plus with the variety of services that our team offers, we feel this is a good goal.

Las Vegas Guides

This is a project that I’ve put on the back-burner, but aiming to launch this quarter. The purpose of this website is to showcase the other great things Las Vegas has to offer. Other than just the parties and gambling. In short, this will be a guide for both the locals and those tourists who want to experience the Las Vegas life as a local. ‘Hint: We rarely ever go to the Strip, unless we work there.’

Reach 250 monthly readers by end of Q3

Since this project has launched yet, I’ll be spending time on building and writing content for this.


As of July 1st 2020, I’ve decided to better my skills by practicing in public. Which includes writing. When I was in elementary school, I enjoyed writing and had a vivid imagination. As I grew older, I became terrible at writing to the point where I despised it. I’m aiming to change that.

I’ll be sharing a lot of my thoughts, experiences, and lessons on this blog. But I also plan on creating a digital garden where I will share the things I’m learning. These will be short format and not completely refined.

Launch my digital garden

By end of Q3, I’m looking to have this launched with 20 notes published. As I mentioned previously, these are going to be more of my notes from anything I’ve learned and read or even my thoughts on certain topics.

Publish at least a weekly blog post

I’m aiming to publish at least one blog post on either of my channels from this website, Hidden Link Studios, or Las Vegas Guides.

Land my first subscriber for The Multipotentialite

I’ve announced the launch of my newsletter which is going to be things I’ve learned in the past week and anything interesting I’ve read. Mostly covering productivity, self-development, and building businesses.


This is something that scares the shit out of me. I hate being in front of the camera and already struggle to communicate effectively. But as anyone who’s looking to grow, you know you have to get out of your comfort zone. So, sometime this quarter I’ll be launching my first YouTube video.

Create a content calendar and launch

Pretty self-explanatory here.


Things I’m looking to learn.

Improving on how to sell services

I’m not the strongest at sales, but if I’m looking to build businesses, this is something I need to know. So I plan on learning through the ‘School of Hard Knocks’ and sharing what is working and what is not working for me on this blog.

Become a better communicator through visual design

On top of this writing endeavor, I’ve already started a design challenge on Twitter where I’ll be creating graphics that communicate a quote or concept. As most people are visual learners, we understand images faster than we do words. 

A better understanding of story-telling

With my goals to become a better writer and launching a YouTube, storytelling is going to be important. So I plan on learning how to do this effectively by studying some of my favorite storytellers.

Learn how to incorporate Obsidian into my workflow and become more productive

With all of this writing + learning, I need to have an effective workflow for note-taking and publishing. Obsidian is very similar to Roam, I figured I can try this out first. If I enjoy it, I can take it to Roam to store all of my notes to the Cloud. 

All in all, I just need to learn how to be more productive with everything I’m trying to accomplish.


Things I want to focus on in my personal life.

Exercise more

I’ve stopped working out as much and both my body and my mind have hated me for that.

Connect with more people online

I’ve always loved meeting new people and learning about their stories. But for the past few years, I feel like I haven’t done that as much as I would like.

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