A reintroduction to this site

it’s been a while since i published on my own blog for some time now. i think it’s fair to say that i’m revamping what this site is going to be moving forward. so, here’s to jeroesguerra.com 2.0 and a quick update to what’s going on in my life.

i started 2021 with a new job after trying to grow a marketing agency in 2020. the agency didn’t work out, but it also helped me realize that running an agency isn’t what i truly wanted to do. so i decided to scrap the agency and head back to the workforce as i figure out my next steps.

it took me a little while to get accustomed to working a regular full-time job again, so i decided not to start any new projects until i’m all situated and have a good rhythm going on.

well now i’m in a better space, let’s get started on all my side projects.

throughout the project hiatus, i wasn’t sure if i wanted to start a new blog, start a youtube, build this blog, start a project studio, or whatever.

well throughout that time, i still don’t know what to work on. but instead of waiting for the answer, this is my public effort to figuring it out.

this blog is more so going to be my playground. my place to try things, experiment, learn new skills, and to document my journey.

i’ve come to terms that my next blog post will be bad. the many blog posts after this one will be bad, as well. but it’s okay.

they will get better and my content will get better. so stay tuned and thanks for following along in the journey.

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